• 2015-07-08
[Gwangju2015] Attach? Spotlight: Meet Ali Asif
Source: Date: 2015.07.09 Ali Asif is from Pakistan and currently serves as an attaché for the Universiade Gwangju 2015. Asif hopes to contribute his Universiade experience in sports development. He came to the Republic of Korea last September to pursue his master’s degree in ‘Dream Together Master’ program which is a Global Sports Management Graduate Program in Seoul National University. Dream Together Master is a program to enhance youth from developing countries and train them to become sports experts. This program is operated and funded by the Korean government. Asif stated his experience in the Universiade, “Working as an attaché, I have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with athletes and Heads of Delegations. It is a wonderful learning experience. If the Universiade is to develop education and culture through sports, ‘Dream Together Master’ is to promote development through the academics and education. It is a pleasure to be an attaché for the Universiade with my international sports management and sports communication background and knowledge.” Even though Asif has lived in Korea less than a year, he is fluent in Korean. He studied Korean language at a Korean Language Institution. Ali also mentioned, “Korean culture has a long history, but Koreans are always welcome to adopt multiculturalism. It is great to see how Korean people respect one another. Especially, I like the people in Gwangju because of their warm hospitality to all visitors.” He also mentioned on working as an attaché, “Being an attaché is quite complicated and difficult, but it is a noteworthy experience and a chance to learn lessons that I cannot get from the textbooks. I am just going to enjoy this moment.” He concluded the interview by giving a message to the Pakistani delegation. “I hope all athletes will not just compete for the medals, I want them to learn and experience new things through this sporting event so they can give hope and encouragement to the future generation. I can see that the Pakistani delegates are trying their best to give hope to the citizens in Pakistan and spread our willingness to the world.” Asif will go back to Pakistan and focus on sports and education after finishing his thesis for the ‘Dream Together Master’ program. He will contribute to sports management in Pakistan with his experience and knowledge from the Universiade Gwangju 2015.
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