life at snu

Campus Life

Seoul National University offers invaluable cultural resources and impressive facilities to become a part of an extensive social, recreational and academic community.


SNU’s housing, Gwanaska, is home to over 4000 students from all over Korea and around the world, providing residents with living quarters not only to study and relax, but also to meet people from various backgrounds.


The SNU Library and its 7 branches maintain a collection of 4 million volumes of books, over 10,000 scholarly journals, 31,000 electronic journals, and 167,000 titles of non-print materials in support of research and academic activities of the University.

Kwanjeong Library

As a newly-built Library, Kwanjeong library holds the largest collection of books among university libraries in Korea. The donation of 70 billion won from Kwanjeong Educational Foundation along with the donations of countless other people led to the construction of a new library. The library provides a plenty of group study rooms, carrels, multimedia plazas, and a nature-friendly rooftop garden for students free of charge.

Sports Facilities