Dream Together Master Faculty


Professor, Loughborough University, UK

The concept of the DTM Programme is highly visionary and ambitious. I am deeply impressed by the commitment of the programme...

										"The concept of the DTM Programme is highly visionary and ambitious. I am deeply impressed by the commitment of the programme, to develop the expertise and skills of young professionals in the sport sector, particularly those drawn from low- and middle-income countries who might not otherwise have the chance to advance significantly their education. The programme has been extremely successful in achieving those aims, and this work is exceptionally beneficial for securing the long-term development of sport in regard to leadership, governance and management. I believe that the Directors of the programme have done an outstanding job in putting together the annual classes of students, and in carefully selecting these students from a global pool of potential candidates.

The result is that, as a Visiting Professor, it has been an absolute pleasure to teach the students on this programme. They are an exceptional group of young professionals who have an ideal blend of qualities and capabilities, in being highly intelligent, talented, motivated, diligent, very energetic, and a lot of fun to teach. The students are also a uniquely global group of young scholars, and this transnational diversity enables a very rich range of contributions, perspectives and interests to be fed back into class discussions and presentations. The Directors have also put together an outstanding programme that is delivered by world-class faculty from across the globe. The programme content is hugely impressive and has many qualities: it is comprehensive in terms of the depth and diversity of themes and issues that are examined; cutting-edge, in addressing fully contemporary questions, debates and research; genuinely global, in engaging with themes and processes that have transnational significance and scale; and, very multi-disciplinary and diverse in methodologies, in its overall approach to teaching and research. The result is that students receive an outstanding educational experience, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to become exceptional national and global managers and leaders in the sport sector over the next few decades.

I would finish here by underlining that I have been hugely impressed by the terrific leadership, planning, management, and delivery of the programme, as provided by the outstanding team of faculty and staff at Seoul National University. It only remains for me to say that it would be a pleasure to continue to contribute in future years to the Masters, as with the benefit of its continued leadership at SNU, the programme will only go from strength to strength."