Isai Cruz

Strategic Director of Sports Science Centre, Guatemalan Sports Confederation, Guatemala , DTM Class of 2015

First of all, let me express my deep satisfaction when being considered to write my thoughts and feelings...

										“First of all, let me express my deep satisfaction when being considered to write my thoughts and feelings about the Dream Together Master program. I truly believe the DTM program is the best Sport Management program in the world, because it considers an integral perspective of education in potential leaders from underdeveloped countries in sport having a tremendous social impact. This program is supported by a very prestigious university and many sport organizations, offering the best availability in the country. These elements reflect the serious commitment of the Korean government in helping other countries through sport cooperation, and its vision of becoming the hub of sport development in Asia. The DTM program is very intensive and quite demanding, so it requires patience and discipline to achieve success in courses. 

What I liked the most during my stay was the constant pursuit of excellence and the passion of all members involved in making the DTM possible. This program allowed me to make strong friendship with other international students and making a network of colleagues and friends whom I will remember forever. I hope in the near future the alumni of DTM program is considered as a very strong and reputable international network in sport management, opening a wider gate of discussion of development of sport and through sport all over the world.

I would like to express my special thanks to the professors behind the DTM program who always encouraged and supported us to success during our academic preparation, providing the platform to develop ourselves as graduates. I would also like to encourage the DTM program to foster values of excellence in its students and graduates because these are the main pillar of our future leaders in the countries still named “underdeveloped”. 

Sport has a tremendous power and it is our responsibility to manage it wisely”.