• 2016-01-18
[Thesis Workshop Session 2] Prof. Choong Hoon LIM
[Thesis Workshop : Session 2]

DTM 3rd batch students aiming to quality master research within the program, had the second thesis Workshop. Professor Choong Hoon LIM gave a lecture about Creation of Research Questions.

Date: January 18th, 2016
Venue: Seoul National University Building 153 Room 411

Professor starting with a question “What do you think is the best approach to coming up with a research topic: Existing literature, social concerns, popular issues, personal background, brainstorming, or talking with professors and practitioners?”

Professor explaining the initial steps of research process.

Students learning how the structure of thesis is.

Professor explaining to conduct a thorough literature review. Critically reading, evaluating and organizing existing literature on a problem in order to assess the state of knowledge in the chosen area.

In the end of the lecture, professor emphasized that the objectivity is the most important part in Result section, use table and figures of your data analysis.