• 2017-11-02
[Field Trip] Sports Monster
Dream Together Master Program 5th batch students went on a sports field trip to Sports Monster in Hanam city. The facility is a sports complex which allows people to experience various sports in 4 zones. Each part has its own theme: Basic, Exciting, Adventure, Digital. In the Basic zone, students could play classic sports like bastketball, baseball, soccer, etc. Exciting zone includes gunning, trampolin, dart game, etc, and Adventure zone free fall, climbing, ect. The most eye-catching area was Digital zone where students could experience new sports with electronic gear. Through the trip, students had time to experience sportainment which is arising thesedays as a new realm of sports and think about the method to apply to their own countries.
  • Date: November 1st, 2017 (Wed.)
  • Venue: Sports Monster (Hanam, Gyeonggi province)