• 2018-12-18
[Special Lecture] Prof. Sukho Lee at Texas A&M University-San Antonio
Dream Together Master invited a special guest Prof. Sukho Lee, Associate Chair & Associate Professor at Texas A&M University San Antonio. Prof. Lee shared his research on Korean wild ginseng to investigate the effect of its extract on exercise performance and cognitive function. Dr. Lee teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Exercise Science. His research interests include 1) supplementation on exercise performance, preventions and/or treatments for diabetes and obesity using exercise and dietary interventions as well as mechanisms of skeletal muscle plasticity by different interventions, including resistance training, hind limb suspension, casting model and oriental medicine. Dr. Lee is a founding member of KUSAPS: Korea United State Applied Physiological Society (www.appliedphysiology.org) and serves as an editorial board member for several peer review journals (International Journal of Exercise Science, Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry, International Journal of Applied Sports Sciences, Kinesiology, and Journal of Lifestyle Medicine). Speaker: Prof. Sukho Lee (Texas A&M University-San Antonio) Date: December 17, 2018 Topic: Korean Wild Ginseng Extracts: Prospective Candidate as An Erogenic Aids in Sports Venue: SNU 71-1 RM. 206