• 2016-01-04
[Special Lecture] Prof. Paul Pedersen & Michael Willett
Prof. Paul Pedersen & Michael Willett’s special lecture was held on January 04th, 2016 at Seoul National University Building 152 Seminar Room. In Prof. Paul Pedersen’s lecture, he talked about the sturcture, administration, and issues of intercollegiate athletics. In Prof. Michael Willett‘s lecture, he talked about the economic impact of professional sports leagues in the United States. There was an active Q&A session by the DTM students. Many students from Seoul Naional University Sport Management and Indinana University has attended Prof. Paul Pedersen & Michael Willett’s lecture this day.

Paul Pedersen, Professor at Indiana University Bloomington
-Michael Willett, Professor at Indiana University Bloomington
Date: January 4th, 2016
-College Sports in the United States: The Structure, Administration, and Issues of Intercollegiate Athletics (Dr. Pedersen)
-Economic Impact of Professional Sports Leagues in the United States (Dr. Willett)

Prof. Paul Pedersen introducing himself with Indiana University where he currently gives lecture.

Professor giving a lecture about successful sport organization and sport system.

Student adding an idea of innovative development of sport system.

Prof. Michael Willett starting his lecture.

Professor emphasized that “Multitude of studies indicate that economic impact is a fraction of predicted or claimed amounts and in some instances show a reduction in economic activity.”

Professor during the Q&A session.

Our DTM Prof. Kihan KIM and Choonghoon LIM has exchanged a gift with Prof. Paul Pedersen and Michael Willett.

A group photo after the lecture.