• 2015-10-07
[Special Lecture] Ms. Theresa (Seung-yun) Rah

Ms. Theresa (Seung-yun) Rah’s special Lecture was held on October 7th, 2015 at Seoul National University Bldg 152 Seminar Room. In her lecture, Ms. Theresa Rah mentioned that the PyeongChang Olympic 2018 is already successful because of the committee’s leadership, encouragement for women and communication skills with understanding. She shared the power of body language in communications and different more skills. She emphasized that Dream Together Master students probably know how to work internationally, they will just need to pay attention and listen to each other with different culture and accent.

Speaker: Ms. Theresa (Seung-yun) Rah
Date: October 7th, 2015
Title: What to say & How to say it effectively

Ms. Theresa Rah approaching the Dream Together Master 3rd batch students.

Students trying to observe their partner’s change. By this activity Ms. Theresa Rah emphasized that leaders spend more time listening and observing others. She also said that leaders know that they don’t know everything, they do not stop listening and observing people for an effective communication.

Students practicing communication 4P (Power, Pitch, Pause, Pace) by motioning like a bird flapping of the wings.

Dominic Kankam from Ghana goaled in reading aloud a script by applying the communication 4p after a few practice with Ms. Theresa Rah.

Ms. Theresa Rah concluded by saying that, a great speaker is first a great person who happens to speak well. “When there is a love for fellow man, we communicate better. We open ourselves up. I believe it’s the same for what you are doing.”

Group photo of Ms. Theresa Rah with 3rd batch Dream Together Master students and guests.