• 2013-12-12
[Special Lecture] Mr. Youngsam Ma
Mr. Mr. Youngsam Ma ‘s special Lecture was held onDecember 12th, 2013 at Seoul National University Bldg. 85 Room 308. As a former diplomat, he explained the relationship between the role of sports and development of Korea industry. Also, he provided an opportunity that DTM students could understand sports soft power by using a case analysis. Through the lecture, DTM students could learn various hands on experiences and knowhow too.

[Special Lecture] Mr. Youngsam Ma
Title: Ambassador for Public Diplomacy at the Ministry
Date: December 12th, 2013
Topic: Sports and Korea’s development

Mr. Youngsam Ma, Ambassador for Public Diplomacy at the Ministry in his speech at Seoul National University.

The students are actively participated in the class discussion.