• 2015-10-27
[Special Lecture] Mr. Thierno Alassane Diack

Mr. Thierno Alassane Diack’s special Lecture was held on October 27th, 2015 at Seoul National University Bldg 152 Seminar Room. In his lecture, Mr. Thierno Alassane Diack shared the vision and development of Olympafrica International Foundation where Mr. Diack is an executive director. He has introduced that slogan of Olympafrica Foundation is “Bridging the Gap, Speaking Sports, Building Peace” which shows goals to achieve. Olympafrica is helping disadvantaged communities to grow in peace, respect and friendship; for yoursters to expect a bright future, and really make their dreams. He emphasized that a very simple idea to a platform that is used by millions of kids to “dream together”.

Speaker: Mr. Thierno Alassane Diack (Executive Director, Olympafrica)
Date: October 27th, 2015
Title: Mission and Objectives, the Olympafrica International Foundation

Director Kihan Kim giving an openning remark before the special lecture.

Mr. Thierno Alassane Diack sharing the vision and history of Olympafrica International Foundation.

Students concentrating on the special lecture.

Harini Dilshani (Sri lankan, 2nd batch DTM student) asking a question.

Williams Kyei (Ghanaian, 2nd batch DTM student) asking a question.

Houessouvi Abalo (Togolese, 2nd batch DTM student) and Fredrick Seno (Botswanese, 3rd batch DTM student) asking a question.

Matsepo Khau (Basuta, 3rd batch DTM student) asking a question.

Group photo after the special lecture of Mr. Thierno Alassane Diack.