• 2016-05-20
[Special Lecture] Mr. Sunghoon JUNG
A special Lecture was held on May 20th, 2016 at Seoul National University Building 152 Seminar Room. Mr. Sunghoon JUNG gave a lecture about the sport venues with regards to fan experience, revenue, branding, sponsorship and technology. From this lecture, students had an opportunity to understand the importance of sport facilities and what Rossetti provides to the sport.

Speaker: Mr. Sunghoon JUNG (Senior Associate at ROSSETTI)
Date: May 20th, 2016
Title: “Designing Experiences Generating Value in Sporting Venue”

Dream Together Master Program’s Director Kihan introducing the lecturer, Mr. Sunghoon JUNG.

Mr. Sunghoon JUNG started his lecture by introducing his works in Rossetti.

Students noded when the Mr. Sung explained that the sport fans are remained due to ‘nostalgia’.

Mr. Sung emphasized ‘Designing Experiences & Generative Value’. He said “At ROSSETTI, we’ve distilled our core focus into these two critical elements that our team promises to bring to our clients.”

There were several enthusiastic questions right after the lecture.

Director passing on the gift of thankful to Mr. Sung.

A group photo after the special lecture.