• 2022-05-30
[Special Lecture] Making Competitive Advantage Sustainable in Sport

The Korean Archery Association and World Archery Vice President Kyu Hyung Han gave a special lecture about the attributes that make competitive advantage sustainable in sport on February 22, 2022.


Mr. Han provided the lecture with a team from the Korean Archery Association where they first explained the long history of Korean archery.


Korea has long dominated archery as demonstrated by Team Korea sweeping the gold medals in archery at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics last year and the Korean women’s team in archery consistently acquiring the Olympian gold since the sport was first introduced at the Seoul Olympics in 1988.


The lecture continued with a case study on how the Korean Archery Association selected and trained athletes for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in addition to the meticulous evaluation of the Tokyo performance in preparation for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.


This special lecture was conducted online, and a Q&A session was held after the lecture.