• 2017-12-18
[Special Lecture] Dae Hee Kwak, Professor of University of Michigan
On December 15th, DTM invited a special guest Dae Hee Kwak, professor of University of Michigan. Dae Hee Kwak shared his invaluable experience and knowledge under the topic of “Greater Social Impact Through Strategic Partnership”. He introduced sports as a platform to expand socially responsible initiatives. By analyzing the previous cases of sponsorship, the professor illustrated how sports can deliver positive values to the society by partnership. He proposed 5 strategies to make partnership perform successfully. Clear objectives, transparency of the process, proper communication strategies, public participation, and multiple identities were mentioned as 5 factors to ensure positive impact of sports and the sports partnership.   Dae Hee Kwak is a professor of Sport Management at University of Michigan and is also a Director of Center for Sport Marketing Research. Dr. Kwak’s research focuses on sport consumer behavior in various sport-related consumption contexts. His long-term research goal is to identify how sport consumer behavior is similar or dissimilar with other types of consumer behavior. His current work focuses on how emotion and experiential judgments influence various decisions to consume sport-related products and services.   Speaker: Dae Hee Kwak (Professor of University of Michigan) Date: December 15th, 2017 Topic: Greater Social Impact Through Strategic Partnership