• 2015-11-01
Nahik(Ecuador Student), wins Silver and Bonze Medal in The 24th Korea University Swimming Championships
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Brief Story from Nahik :

In my home country, Ecuador, I have been a water polo player since I was 18 years old, but before I became a water polo player I used to be a swimmer since 7 years old and in both disciplines I have participated in international competitions (sudamerican and panamerican).

Starting Swimming in Korea
When I came to Korea I was wondering to play and practice water polo, but I noticed that my sport its not popular in Seoul, so I decide to start swimming in posco to Maintain my endurance but I talked to Ms. Maria Yang if she knows about a swimming team and she said that could help introducing me the captain of the swimming team then I started to practice with the SNU swimming team and the captain told me that if I could participate in the interuniversities, every practice I felt more motivated because I will compete with excellent sport athletes in Korea.

Competition Day
The competition date was on Saturday October 31 and Sunday November 1, 2015. My main stroke in swimming is breaststroke, and I competed 50m and 100m winning in both races a silver and bronze medal with records in 50m in the classification race ended in 5 place with 34,55 seconds but in the final I did it a 34,33 seconds and ended in second place (silver medal), in 100m In the classification race with 1 minute and 20 seconds ended in 1st place but in the final I did it 1 minute and 19 seconds ended in 3rd place (bronze medal). It was a wonderful international sport experience to know the swimming competitions in Korea, to meet athletes, to share with new Korean friends that do what I love, and to share with my classmates of my master program that supported me and went to Daegu City.

Future Plans
Now, I will continue practicing swimming with the team and persuade the golden medals for the next year.

Nahik Solano(Ecuadorian, 3rd batch DTM student) attended The 24th Korea University Swimming Championships on October 31 and November 1, 2015 which took place in Daegu, Korea.

He competed 50m and 100m with breststroke his main stroke in swimming. He won a silver medal in 50m with records of 34.33seconds, and bronze medal in 100m with records of 1min 19.00seconds.

Nahik Solano and Seoul National University’s Swimming Team in joy with their medals.