• 2018-09-21
Module 3 Sport History

This class is a comprehensive history of sports. Students will begin by examining the origin of athletics and the ways that popular sports and rules have changed overtime. Sports, politics, and social issues merge and intertwine in global society. And these trends are not new. The Olympic movement has always been politicized even as politicians and athletes have proclaimed that sport and politics should not mix. Problems with race and gender have revealed themselves in sport, which sometimes has led and sometimes followed on addressing these issues. In this class the students will look at and try to develop a greater understanding of the intersections of sports, politics, and social issues in global history.

Date : September 17 – 21, 2018 Venue : Seoul National University 71-1,  Room 212 Theme 1 : Sport Humanities Module 2 : Sport History Professor : Woong Yong Ha (Korea National Sport University, Republic of Korea)