• 2019-07-07
Module 27 Sport for Health Promotion
The central goal of this module is to utilize the theory of planned behavior in their research and practice and understand about origins, historical development, and constructs in the theory of planned behavior. Students specifically learn about the following techniques: (1) Principles of behavioral research design; (2) Objectives, philosophy, and methods of science including causal inference, the role of hypotheses, criteria for establishing adequate hypotheses, research designs, and data collection techniques; and (3) Formulation of a research problem within a program setting.   Date : July 1– July 5, 2019 Venue : Seoul National University Building 71-1 Room 212 Theme 9 : Sport Development Module 27 : Sport for Health Promotion Professor : ChungGun LEE (Department of Physical Education, Seoul National University, REPUBLIC OF KOREA)