• 2018-07-06
[Class]Module 25 Sport Policy
The aim of the module is to develop a critical understanding of the policy process in relation to sport, and it provides an understanding of the concept of policy and the nature of interests and power in the policy process. The module will also examine the significance of international policy actors for domestic/national policy processes and review a range of macro-level and meso-level theories of the policy process in order to equip students with a conceptual language and knowledge of a range of analytical frameworks to enable them to conduct analysis of sport policy in both developing and developed countries. Date : July 2 – 6, 2018 Venue : Seoul National University Building 71-1 Room 212 Theme 9 : Sport Development & Cooperation Module 25 : Sport Policy Professor : Barrie Houlihan (School of Sport, Exercise, and Health Sciences, Loughborough University, UNITED KINGDOM)