• 2019-03-08
Module 13 Sport Movement Science
This class introduces the basic notion of sport science as a perspective of motor behavior. More specifically, the students learn and discuss how sport science has been applied to our daily life with regard to expertise, sport performance, neuroscience, rehabilitation, robotics and virtual reality. This class is useful to understand how sport science affected in the area of sport and our life. This course also provides the students with an opportunity to discuss general concepts pertaining to health and exercise.  Further, this course will enable students to explore and discuss issues in health and exercise from management and administrative perspective.   Date : March 4 – 8 2019 Venue : Seoul National University Building 71-1 Room 212 Theme 5 : Sport Science and Technology Module 13 : Sport Movement Science Professor : Seonjin Kim & Wook Song (Department of Physical Education, Seoul National University, REPUBLIC OF KOREA)