• 2018-12-18
Module 12 Sport Marketing Research
The course provides an advanced overview of marketing research methods and techniques. The course will emphasize practical issues related to planning, conducting, and interpreting research relevant to sport management. The course also introduce the student to various multivariate statistical methods, and the application of multivariate statistics to research problems in sport management. The instructor will provide an overview of the more common multivariate data analysis methods that are applicable in the sport management research. We will not go in depth into the mathematics of multivariate statistics, but instead will focus on the application of the multivariate statistics to answer various research questions. Date : December 10 – December 14, 2018 Venue : Seoul National University Building 71-1 Room 212 Theme 4 : Sport Development & Cooperation Module 12 : Sport Marketing Research Professor : Yukyoum KIM (Department of Physical Education, Seoul National University, REPUBLIC OF KOREA)