• 2016-05-12
[Korean Langauage Course] 2016 Spring Semester Course Ended
Dream Together Master Class of 2015-2017 has finished their spring semester Korean Language Course. The Korean Language course is for adults with no prior knowledge of Korean who acquire the communication skills necessary for everyday life. The course was a 30 hour course focusing on teaching students without any prior knoledge of the Korean language to read, write, and converse in Korean by providing basic vocabulary and grammar structure used in everyday situation. The goal of this course is to facilitate students in learning basic communication expressions commonly used in real life situations by practicing reading, writing, and listening example set of conversations outlined with different everyday life topics. The students who are in advanced levels also learn topics such as family, transportation, etiquette, health, and shopping that will be utilized to facilitate better understanding of Korean society and culture.

– Course Duration: 10 weeks (Monday & Thursday)
– Class hours: 6:30pm ~ 9:20pm (3 class hours a day)

Two of Korean teachers and students having a group photo in their class.

Professor and students had a small party to celebrate the course ending.

A group photo taken after the course.

Now students can have better student life in Korea by knowing basic Korean. We can read “감사합니다. 함께 꿈꿔요!”