• 2016-09-22
[Korean Culture Tour] Korean Cultural Experience Tour

To understand Korean history and culture, 4th batch students visited Gyeongbok Palace which was the main palace of the “Five Grand Palaces” during the Joseon Dynasty. Also, they visited the National Museum which offers opportunities to enhance and promote awareness of Korean history and culture.

Dream Together Master Class of 2018 went for a Korean Culture Experience Tour with staffs of DTM on August 22nd, 2016.
  1. Date: September 22nd, 2016 (Thursday)
  2. Tour Destination: Gyeongbok Palace & National Museum

DTM student wearing Joseon king’s clothes.

A group photo at Gwanghwamun Square.

The students wearing official uniforms in Joseon Dynasty.

The students wearing Korean traditional clothing ‘Hanbok’.

The student wearing a woman’s hanbok.

A group photo after Gyeongbok Palace tour.

The students experienced Korean traditional clothes based on different stages of the hierarchy.

The student wearing Joseon king’s clothes.

The student wearing hanbok and posing for a picture.

The students posing for a picture with sober faces

The students concentrating on the explanation of Korean history and culture.