• 2019-01-30
[Internship Interview] Apansia Lema
1) Please introduce yourself and your workplace My name is Apansia Lema from Tanzania. I’m DTM 5th Batch student working in Sports Science Office at Korea Institute of Sports Science (KISS)     2) Please describe your responsibilities and duties in your position I have been working as a Research Assistant for sports science (Performance Enhancing), assistance onsite supporting for National Team and Elite Sports Science and researching International Sports Science Academic Research Flow   [Facility tour at Jincheon National Sports Training Center]   3) What do you remember most about your internship? Things that I will remember about this internship are practical skills I acquired. I had an opportunity to visit Jincheon National Sports Training Center and met researchers in biomechanics and physiology department and also the opportunity to participate to sports facilities tour. I learned in details some equipments like Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS), whole body reaction time, digital dynamometer Grip back, chest graph, In body 770, Prodigy advance lunar, coordination test, long jump test, Sargent jump, sit and reach, side steps, dynamic balance use; stability platform, centaur; 3D-back balance control and cyber norm. I also performed the exercise physiology fitness tests as a participant and analyzed data and did some comparison. This has helped me to know how to evaluate an athlete’s general physiology fitness and also design and develop the exercise programme according to the needs of athlete’s performance.     4) How does the Dream Together Master help you with your career? A wide knowledge and skills of sports management provided by DTM has helped to boost my career into another level. The opportunity I had to cover 30 modules taught by experienced professors from Korea, United State, Australia and United Kingdom was a lifetime advantage in my career. The organized special lectures have also played a great role on guest speaking from various sports institutions. Likewise a forum which held once a year created a platform to discuss in details some of the topics in the syllabus and related to the real situations to provide a way forward towards sports development globally. Moreover, accessibility to academic facilities such as library which was equipped with books, magazines, newspapers, computers and advanced software’s created more interest in learning.   [Exercise Physiology fitness tests at Korea Institute of Sports Science (KISS) ]   5) Please give your advice for the current and future Dream Together Master Students For the current students, they should try to improve anything they feel they are not good at. Appreciate, and enjoy the time because the opportunity may not come twice. For prospect students they should know the goodness of the course as it contains the syllabus that covers most of the area required in sports industry therefore they should stay focused, work hard, and use time effectively over the entire programme. I would like to thank Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, Seoul National University, Professors, and also Director and Staffs of Dream Together Master for their contribution to this programme.