• 2015-12-16
[Graduation Ceremony] Class of 2016 (2)
[Graduation Ceremony : Class of 2014 – 2016]

Date & Time : December 16th, 2015 17:00 – 20:00
Venue : Building 12 Room 401 & Hoam Faculty House, Convention Center, 1F, Magnolia Hall

On this day, Dream Together Master 2nd batch students had their graduation ceremony. These students have fulfilled all requirements for graduation and is scheduled to graduate from Seoul National University with a Master’s degree in Sport Management in August 2016. They have had to accomplish a great deal over the past 16 months to arrive the moment. Gazing backwards to the past, there was a long and challenging pathway that has led to this day. The students know that each other is the most precious gifts that they will carry away from Korea, and the knowledge they have gained from the lectures, the friendships and networks they have created will become assets in their future careers and lives. We hope these students be part of an extraordinary initiative in contributing to the development of sport worldwide.

Congratulatory placard given from Gwanak Residence Halls Administration

Congratulatory placard given from Gwanak Dormitory’s Volleyball Team DIVE

Professor Euichang Choi with three students of 2015 Best Thesis Award

Valedictory Speech from Monica Rusdianto who is graduating with the highest GPA
“Today, we graduate, let’s celebrate! Dream! Together!”

Dream Together Master’s 2nd batch graduates and 3rd batch students

Dream Together Master’s faculty members and 2nd batch graduates

Dream Together Master’s 2nd batch graduates

Professor Kihan Kim in the celebration dinner at Magnolia Hall of Hoam Faculty House

Video clip of 2nd batch graduates last remark and
congratulatory message from 3rd batch students, mentor, tutor, and professors
made the guests with tears and smiles at the same time.

Guests during the celebration dinner

Students and family members

Specials message from Houessouvi Abalo

Graduates receiving graduation gifts from professor Kihan Kim