• 2014-01-06
[Class] Sport Sponsorship & Social Responsibility (Prof.Bettina CORNWELL)
The central goal of this module is to provide the student with both a theoretical and an applied understanding of the values and limits to sponsorship. A second focus for the module is to understand the relationship between sponsorship and social responsibility. Views from both the sponsor and sponsee will be considered.

Date : December 9~13, 2013
Venue : Seoul National University Building 153 Room 210
Theme 4: Sport Marketing and Sponsorship
Module 12: Sport Sponsorship & Social Responsibility
Professor : Prof. Bettina CORNWELL

Prof. Bettina CORNWELL is having a lecture at Seoul National University.

DTM students concentrating on professor’s lecture.
Prof. Bettina CORNWELL and DTM students during the lecture.