• 2013-09-23
[Class] Sport History (Prof. Catriona Parratt)
The course covers the history of sport and leisure, with a particular focuses on class, gender, ethnicity and race. The goal of this course is to expand the knowledge of the historical development of various movement cultures, in particular of modern sport, and thus be able to understand and evaluate historical processes including its backgrounds and effects, to its actors and their intentions as well as their impact on the present situation.

Theme 1 : Sport Humanities
Module 2 : Sport History
Professor : Catriona Parratt (Department of American Studies, University of Iowa, USA.)
Sport History (Prof. Catriona Parratt) (09/23-09/27)

Prof. Catriona Parratt explaining about the group final project.

DTM student having a group discussion.

Group photo after the class.