• 2015-10-05
[Class] Module 5 Preparing and Operating Sport Events
The module provides a chance to learn practical approaches, skills and tools that help people understand how to prepare and operate sport events. Also, the module covers 3 key planning streams such as client, functional, and venue and operating and evaluating systems.

Date : October 5 – 9th, 2015
Venue : Seoul National University Building 153 Room 411
Theme 2 : Sport Event Management
Module 5 : Preparing and Operating Sport Events
Professor : Lisa Hindson (F
ounder and principal, LHC Global, AUSTRALIA)

Understanding the event(the product, the clients, the parameters). Establishing the framework(governance, organisation, managment, roadmap)

3 Key planning streams(client, functional, venue) and Integration.

Readiness by testing and exercising is efficient in openning sport events.

Operating and evaulating the sport events include command, control and communications(C3); venue operations; evaluating.

DTM students having a group presentation.

Dream Together Master students having group presentation.

Group Photo with Professor Lisa Hindson with our powerful shout “Fighting”