• 2015-09-21
[Class] Module 3 Sport Sociology

The module 2, sport sociology, aims to introduce sociological concepts, theories, and perspectives to analyze, interpret, and understand structural, cultural, and interactional aspects of sport as a social institution. Consideration will be given to sociological issues and controversies regarding sport phenomena at local, national, and global levels.

Date : September 21 – 25th 2015

Venue : Seoul National University Building 153 Room 411
Theme 1 : Sport Humanities
Module 3 : Sport Sociology
Professor : Sun Yong KWON (Department of Physical Education, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea

Professor Sunyong Kwon explaining the concept of sports sociology.

DTM students concentrating on professor’s lecture.

Professor Sunyong Kwon talking about the sociological issues in sport.

The students listening to professor’s explanation.

DTM students and professor Sunyong Kwon in the class.
Group photo after the lecture.