• 2016-06-13
[Class] Module 24 Sport Arbitration
The aim of this Module is to provide the student with a basic theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of the settlement of sports-related disputes, both sporting and commercial ones, particularly those with an international dimension, through the process of arbitration.

Date : June 13 – 17, 2016
Venue : Seoul National University Building 153 Seminar Room
Theme 8 : Sport Law & Arbitration
Module 24 : Sport Arbitration
Professor : Ian Blackshaw (
International Sports Law Centre of the TMC Asser Institute, Hague, NETHERLANDS)

Prof. Ian Blackshaw during his first day of class.

Professor explaining the importance of Policy Analysis.

Professor explaining the concept of power in policy-making and the motives for government involvement in sport.

Professor during the class.

Professor explaining the perfect implementation in sport policy.

Students finding for the answer that Professor questioned.

Professor interacting and listening to the students opinion.

A group photo after the class.