• 2016-06-06
[Class] Module 23 Legal Entities in Sport
The goal of this course is to know the different organizational forms of legal entities in sports and gain knowledge of the general sports organization and its development. Also, students will learn the difference between the European and the US sports system and its advantages and disadvantages.

Date : June 6 – June 10, 2016
Venue : Seoul National University Building 153 Room 101 / Building 153 Seminar Room
Theme 8 : Sport Law & Arbitration
Module 23 : Legal Entities in Sport
Professor : Thilo Pachmann (
Partner, Pachmann Attorneys at Law Ltd., Switzerland)

Prof. Thilo Pachmann in his first day of class.

Professor explaining the learning target of this module.

Professor introducing the learning target of Day 2.

Professor listnening to the student.

Dream Together Master students and staffs celebrated Prof. T.Pachmann, Wooram and Mr. Bryce for their birthday.

Professor emphasized to know the legal basis of sporting rules.

Students listening to the professor.

Group photo after the class.