• 2016-04-11
[Class] Module 18 Sport Finance
The principal objectives of the course is to understand financial theories and apply financial theories in a real business world, especially in sports management. The course offers a chance to understand fields in finance and career path in corporate finance, investments, and management of financial insititutions.

Date : April 11 – April 15, 2016
Venue : Seoul National University Building 153 Room 210
Theme 6 : Sport Finance and Economics
Module 17 : Sport Finance
Professor : Chae JOON (
Business School, Seoul National University, REPUBLIC OF KOREA)

Professor explaining the case study.

Students in an active conversation with the professor.

Professor explaining how to invest. He also mentioned Peter Lynch quote “I’ve found that when the market’s going down and you buy funds wisely, at some point in the future you will be happy. You won’t get there by reading ‘Now is the time to buy'”.

Students having a quiz.

Eventhough the subject was not their major, students could learn financial theories and how to apply financial theories in sports management.

Group photo after the module.