• 2016-03-18
[Class] Module 14 Sport & Exercise Science
This course provides the students with an opportunity to discuss general concepts pertaining to health and exercise. Further, this course will enable students to explore and discuss issues in health and exercise from management and administrative perspective.

Date : March 14 – 18, 2016
Venue : Seoul National University Building 153 Room 210
Theme 5 : Sport Science & Technology
Module 14 : Sport & Exercise Science
Professor : Yongho LEE & Wook SONG (
Department of Physical Education, Seoul National University, REPUBLIC OF KOREA)

Professor Yongho LEE introducing the topic of the lecture by drawing students’ idea.

Professor defined what disabled person is and he said that “Belief in one’s capacity to organize and execute the course of action required to produce a given attainment(Bandura, 1997, p.3)”.

Students and professor having a break during the enthusiastic lecture.

Professor and students having a group photo after the lecture.

Professor Wook SONG introducing himself and the objectives of the lecture.

Professor and students in a vibrant lecture.

Students discussing how to reduce metabolic syndrome of the citizens.

Professor explains the scientific mechanism how warm-up, cardiovascular endurance exercise stimulus, resistance exercicse, flexibility training, and cool-down affects the performance of the athlete.

Student group presentation about what they understood and current issues from their country.

Professor and students having a group photo after the lecture. These lectures will be the basic building blocks to be a fine sport leader.