• 2016-03-07
[Class] Module 13 Sport & Motor Control
This module introduces the way of performance improvement by explaining the concept of timing enhancement strategy, mental training for peak performance, aging and performance, and sports and brain. Also, the course covers the relationship between aging and performance and puts emphasis on exercises.

Date : March 7 – 11, 2016
Venue : Seoul National University Building 153 Room 210
Theme 5 : Sport Science & Technology
Module 13 : Sport & Motor Control
Professor : Seonjin KIM (
Department of Physical Education, Seoul National University, REPUBLIC OF KOREA)

Professor introducing the syllabus of the module.

Professor explaining how sport science has been applied our daily life with regard to expertise, sport performance, neuroscience, rehabilitation, robotics and virtual reality.

Students who are the sport administrator in their country, are interested in learning the basics of sport and movement.

Students exploring in the sport science laboratory.

Professor explaining the motivation can be defined simply as the direction and intensity of one’s effort(Sage, 1977).

Mental training should be considered as important a part of preparing an athlete for the demanding scheduel of practices and competition as physical training. The successful athlete is one who is highly motivated, focused, and self confident. This attitude increases the likelihood they will achieve a peak performance when it counts.

Professor listening to the students discussing about Motor Control and Recovery of Function.

Professor introducing rehabilitation robot which is an external device that assists or guides movement with the intention of improving function. The presents virtual reality(VR) games and tasks to the patient can be adjusted to level of ability, interest and specific movement problems.

Students concentrating on the lecture.

Professor and students discussing about the lecture.