• 2017-05-18
Dream Together Master at SportAccord Convention 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark
Dream Together Master participated in the SportAccord Convention 2017 which was staged from April 2nd to 7th in Aarhus, Denmark. Professor Joon-ho Kang (Director) and two assistant coordinators of the program managed the exhibition booth as delegates representing the Korea’s Dream Together Project.   As part of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s ODA (Official Development Assistance) project, Dream Together Project offers an opportunity for developing countries to learn from Korea’s expertise and knowhow in sports it has acquired in the process of becoming one of the sporting powerhouses of the world. The project consists of four programs: (1) educating sports administrators (through the Dream Together Master), (2) educating sports coaches, (3) training invited athletes at the Jincheon National Training Center, and (4) Dispatching coaches, provision of sports equipment.   The main purpose of the Dream Together Master, in attending the convention, was to promote the program to the participants, to develop new business opportunities, and to attract future students who are currently working as sport administrators.   SportAccord Convention, a 5-day annual gathering of leading representatives from international sport, is the world’s premier event at the service of sport, focused on driving positive change internationally, and dedicated to engaging rights holders, organizing committees, cities, businesses and other organizations in the development of sport. (Source: SportAccord)   SportAccord Convention brings together representatives from more than 92 International Sports Federations and organizations from 135 cities/regions affiliated to SportAccord and almost 1600 registered participants attended the convention this year.