• 2016-11-30
2016 Thesis Oral Defense_Day 1

2016 Thesis Oral Defense_Day 1

DTM 3rd batch students had a Thesis Oral Defense. 8 students presented on the first day. Their tutors and students from 4th batch attended as well to support them.

Date: November 30th, 2016
Venue: SNU Building 153 Room 210

Kim, Woo Ram_The effect of Athlete Brand Personality on Athlete Attachment and Brand Supportive Behaviour

Tara Talita(student from Indonesia)_ Factors That Motivate Youth in Sport Participation : Examining the Emergence of Lifestyle Sports in Indonesia

Rita Maiya Prajapati(student from Nepal)_ Factors Affecting Women’s Sport Participation in Nepal

Nahik Xavier Solano(student from Ecuador)_ An Exploratory Study on Ecuadorian Fan Motivation for Interacting with Professional Soccer Teams through Social Media

Mohammad Tanvir Zaman(student from Bangladesh)_ The Relationship Between High School Students’ Sport Participation and Their Self-esteem, Subjective Well-being and Academic Achievement: Focusing on Bangladesh

Ihsan Mohammed Abdallah(student from Palestine)_ Problem facing Palestinian Women Football: A case study of the issues pertaining to Palestinian women football and the experience of Korean women football development

Laura Melissa Villarreal(student from Colombia)_ Exploring a Sustainable Autonomy of Sport Organizations: A study of Relationship between Government and Elite Sports Organizations in Colombia

Fredrick Seno(student from Botswana)_ Sport Sponsorship Evaluation: The Case of Mascom Wireless & Orange Botswana