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QuestionWho is eligible to apply?

International Students 

  • He or she is not a citizen of Korea 
  • His or her parents are not citizens of Korea
  • Former and current sport administrators or athletes 
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher (in any field)
  • Sufficient command of both spoken and written English to take classes conducted entirely in English
  • Potential and passion for sport management 

Korean Students

  • Bachelor's Degree or higher (no restriction on major)
  • English proficiency test score (TEPS 601 or higher; or TOEFL iBT 86 or higher)
  • Potential and passion for sport management

QuestionWhat should I prepare?

The following are the application and required documents for international students to be submitted.

  1. 1. Application Form (Form 1)
  2. 2. Personal Statement and Study Plan (Form 2)
  3. 3. Two Letters of Recommendation (Form 3) from your professors and/or employers
  4. 4. Financial Certification (Form 4) – Signature required
  5. 5. Agreement for Verification of Academic Record (Form 5): Print out the Form and sign your name on the Letter of Agreement portion. Do not fill out the Verification Report portion.
  6. 6. Official Undergraduate Studies Transcript (in English)
  7. 7. Notarized Certificate of a Bachelor's Degree/Undergraduate Graduation Certificate (in English)
  8. 8. A copy of the applicant's passport (or other official document indicating your nationality)
  9. 9. Copies of both parents’ passports (or other official documents indicating parents’ nationality)
  10. 10. Official document indicating parent-child relationship between the applicant and his/her parents ( Applicant’s Birth Certificate or Household Register proving the parent-child relationship)
  11. 11. Curriculum Vitae (must clearly state current and/or previous position and affiliation)
  12. 12. Proof of English Proficiency : A score report of a recognized English proficiency test (E.g. TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC), or any other supporting document which demonstrates appropriate English language proficiency (E.g. Proof of attendance at an English institution, letter of recommendation of English proficiency from an English language teacher)
  13. 13. Certificate of Employment
  14. 14. Checklist

Please download the 2015 Admission Guideline (with detailed instructions on how to apply) and other necessary application forms (Forms 1 through 5) from Admission_Application and Required Documents page. 

Please refer to the next question for detailed instructions on how to fill out the forms.

QuestionHow do I prepare the required documents?

Form 1: Application Form Form 1 contains your personal information.
Please specify your desired area of study, using Appendix 1 of “Admission Guidebook” as a reference. Graduate Applicants: indicate the college or professional school and corresponding major.

Form 2: Study Plan and Personal Statement
The Study Plan should state your academic goals and career aspirations. Ou may include questions that you hope to answer through your program of study andor a timeline for how you plan to meet your objectives. It is advised that you review the requirements for the desired degree. The personal statement gives you the opportunity for you to convey information about yourself and your accomplishments that could not be adequately expressed through other portions of the application. Include family background, academic achievements, extracurricular commitments and accomplishments, volunteer work, employment experience, and your reasons for applying to SNU. Other appropriate topics may include the following but not limited to: personal interests, pastime activities, opinions on music, the arts, etc.

Form 3: Recommendation
Two letters of recommendation from teachers or professors are required. Complete your part of this form and, along with a stamped and addressed envelope, supply them directly to two recommenders who know you well. Be sure to give them adequate time to complete the forms before the application deadline. Recommendations should be sealed in an official envelope and signed across the back by the recommenders.

Form 4: Financial Certificate
This form should list the available financial resources for your tuition and other expenses. No other documents related to sponsorship are necessary. However, additional documents (bank statements, employment/business registration, tax payment information) may be required by the authorities for visa issuance.

Transcripts, Graduation Certificates, Degree Certificates
These documents detail your academic achievements and are required from every institution that you attended in the past.
Transcripts must provide a record of the courses you have taken in each year of study along with the final grades. If an institution cannot provide a year-by-year record, then the school official must at least provide us with a listing of the disciplines you have studies (i.e. English, Biology, History, etc.) and a summary of your achievement in each.
Please submit official transcripts as issued directly by the institutions you have attended. You must also submit official evidence of the conferrals of all degrees, diplomas, or professional titles showing the date of the conferrals (month and year).

Additional Material
Other relevant material may be required, according to the policy of the specific college or department that you are applying to. Supplementary materials can be attached (Academic awards, certificates, test reports, etc.)

Important Notes for all Applicants
- SNU does not generally acknowledge international schools located in Korea as foreign schools.
- All documents should be in English or Korean. Documents in any other language should be accompanied by a notarized English or Korean translation issued by the country in which the document was originally produced.
- If any of the submitted materials contain false information, admission be rescinded.
- Original documents should be submitted. Should they be unavailable, however, copies must be authorized by the originating institution before they are submitted. ? Students whose graduations were pending at other institutions during the time of application should submit their Graduation Certificates and the Certificates of their degrees to their depart ments within 15 after their enrollment at SNU. Failure to submit this document may revoke the admission offer.
- Undergraduate transfer applicants of Korean origin must submit the entire record of their Certificate of facts Concerning the Entry and exit. In case of submission of false or unverifiable information (especially those resulting from multiple passport handling) or failure to submit all of the requisite records may adversely affect one’s candidacy for acceptance.
- Be sure to make and keep photocopies of all completed forms. Submitted documents become property of SNU and will not be returned to the applicants. The application fee is non-refundable.
- Admitted students may not defer enrollment to a later semester. Students who wish to defer enrollment must re-apply.
- Korean citizens who hold dual citizenship are considered as “Applicants of Korean Origin”. They are not eligible to apply as foreign students.
- Please be sure that the University issues only the Certificate of Admissions for students VISA (type D2) application for the admitted students.
- Verification of academic Record form will be part of the application and you will be able to print upon completion of online application.
- Detailed account of individual admissions decision for each applicant cannot be disclosed.
- Please be sure that, in principle, any modification or cancellation will not be accepted after completing the application.
- Applicants should take full responsibility for any disadvantages due to the mistakes or omissions on the application.
- Foreign students, whose parents are not citizens of Korea and have obtained their entire education abroad, may submit the Certificate of Facts concerning the Entry and Exit issued by the Korea Immigration Office, as a substitute for the certificate of parents-child relationship and copies of parents’ passport. If the applicant does not have the means to obtain the certificate and cannot receive assistance from someone residing in Korea, he/she must submit the Permission of Inquiry of Certificate of Entry and Exit (Form 5) as a substitute. Please verify the accuracy of the information on the required form as the applicant will take full responsibility for any disadvantages arising from errors or omission of the necessary information on the form.

QuestionCan I make alterations or additions to an application that has been submitted?

Once you application has been submitted, you are not able to make any changes.

QuestionHow does SNU decide whom to admit?

Admission decisions are based on a number of factors, including academic achievement such as grade point average (GPA), study plan, personal statements, letters of recommendation, as well as other achievement records and/or descriptions of specific qualifications. In reviewing applications, the admissions committee considers the level of studies completed, the quality of achievement, characteristics of institution attended, appropriateness of goals and suitability of preparation for the proposed program of studies. Depending on the policy of the college or department to which the applicants is applying, interviews and examinations may also be required. Applicants will be notified of interviews when deemed necessary.

QuestionCan I get both an SNU Tuition Scholarship and an outside scholarship concurrently?

You cannot be awarded two scholarships at the same time.