Dream Together Master Faculty

Gertrud Pfister

Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

It was a great honor and a pleasure to participate as teacher in the Dream Together Master Program. I would like to thank you very much for the...

										“It was a great honor and a pleasure to participate as a teacher in the Dream Together Master program. I would like to thank you very much for the invitation which gave me the opportunity to gain insight into an amazing program which will have an impact not only on the participants’ lives, but also on sport politics and policies in many countries.

The qualification of future sport leaders is crucial for the development of sport, in particular in countries which do not have the opportunity to organize such education. It is very generous and an excellent strategy to “give back” to share resources and to invest in the next generation of leaders who will be able to make a difference in their respective countries and environments.

According to my experiences, Seoul National University is the perfect place to conduct such a course which benefits from first rate facilities, the excellent competencies of the staff and the local and foreign experts. I appreciate also the program which provides extensive knowledge in in various fields of sport sciences and I liked in particular the inclusion of sport history, a discipline which allows identifying backgrounds, developments and processes and thus supports insights and understanding.

It was a pleasure to work with the students with their diverse backgrounds and their eagerness to learn and understand. I know that the graduates of this program share the vision of the organizers and I am convinced that the dream of a bright future will come true. With the very best wishes and thanks again for allowing me to be part of the Dream Together team”.